SJR 67


Senate Hearing! We need witness slips for SJR 67, our recently-filed resolution to force the development of agreed language to form a bill to license CPMs! The hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, May 2, 2018 at 3pm. We have up until that time to get slips in.

Please sign your slip ASAP!

Please sign, ask your family members to sign also, and share with friends to ask them to support finding a solution to the home birth maternity care provider crisis.

Fill out a witness slip below as a 'Proponent'. Takes only a minute!


   Witness Slip Tips:

  • Under Firm/Business and under title please put: "SELF"
  • Under 'Persons, groups firms represented in this appearance'
  • Write, "IC4IC" or "SELF:
  • Select 'Proponent'
  • Select 'Record of Appearance only'