Denied an exemption?
Dropped from a doctor for not vaccinating?
Hospital violated your personal or parental rights?

Use these steps & links below to help you file your complaint

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Help IC4IC
Help You

We collect information from our members to help us understand and better serve the needs of our community. Any information shared with IC4IC is kept confidential and your identity private if you so wish.

We use this information to bring to legislators to show them the need for change when needed. The experiences our members share can help us take action for change.

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Contact Your
District Legislator

Contacting your district legislators and letting them know how your rights have been violated can help them better understand how to serve their constituents. This can help lead to creating or amending legislation that protects all of us.

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Conscience or Religious Freedom Complaint

Visit the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) to file a complaint for:

Violation of Civil Rights (Based on Race, Color, National Origin, Disability, Age, or Sex)

Violation of Conscience or Religious Freedom

Violation of Privacy or Security of Health Information (HIPAA)