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As of 1pm on 3/13/19 SB1659 has been tabled by Senator Julie Morrison. Thank you everyone for all your hard work contacting legislators!

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No to adopting Resolution 179

March 6th 2019 US Congressman Adam Schiff submitted a vaccine resolution to Congress. This is the first step to taking away your exemptions. Read resolution 179 here:

Please note that this is NOT a bill, but what this does is asks legislators to all agree on the ideas and points made in this resolution. —recognizing the "Importance of Vaccines”. The resolution, if passed, will "send a message of unequivocal Congressional support for vaccines and urges parents, in consultation with their health care provider, to follow scientific evidence and the consensus of medical experts in favor of timely vaccinations for the well-being of their children and surrounding communities”, which sets the stage for them introducing a federal bill.

With this new resolution, Tammy Duckworth is jumping on the bandwagon and is expected to introduce another measure ⬇️ see below

Senators Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) and Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) are expected to introduce a companion measure in the upper chamber.

Bipartisan lawmakers introduce resolution supporting vaccines.

It's time to SPEAK UP and make our rounds of calls and emails to say NO📢 to resolution 179 (recognizing the importance of vaccination)

Tammy Duckworth
Chicago (312)886-3506
Springfield (217)528-6124
Carbondale (618)677-7000
Rock Island (618)722-7070
Belleville (618)722-7070
Washington D.C. (202)224-2854

Contact your Representative, find them here

Contact Adam Schiff
Washington D.C. (202)-225-4176
Burbank (818)450-2900
Hollywood (323)315-5555

Talking Points

**No to adopting Resolution 179***

  • As Rand Paul stated, "We Shouldn’t Trade ‘Liberty’ for ‘False Sense of Security"

  • Informed consent; to be fully informed of any and all medical procedures with the right to decline such procedures

  • Autonomy over ones body

  • Government interference into personal medical decisions with known risks

  • Immunizations are not continually monitored for adverse events as the resolution states, and in fact, vaccine manufacturer's are not liable for their product by law.

  • There is credible evidence that immunizations can and do cause adverse events, including (seizures, encephalitis, the disease itself etc..) , per the vaccine manufacturer's insert. Until it is understood which persons will receive these adverse events, immunizations should not be mandated for all.

**- contradictory statements by US government stating that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe, while also repeating the mantra of safety and efficacy ("vaccines are safe and effective "
" All vaccines are unavoidably unsafe"
-Informed consent in healthcare is the law, codified by the 1914 Schloendorff vs. The Society of the New York Hospital case. It is also an important ethical consideration for doctors and healthcare providers


**As of 1pm on 3/13/19 SB1659 has been tabled by Senator Julie Morrison. Thank you everyone for all your hard work contacting legislators!**

This action alert is finished. No further action is required.

*3-12-19 UPDATE*
New Co-Sponsor Added to this MANDATE!

OPPOSE SB1659 HPV Vaccine Mandate!

SB1659 has been assigned to Public Health. This bill was introduced by State Senator Julie Morrison and *NOW* Senator Iris Y. Martinez has added herself as Chief Co-Sponsor for this HPV vaccine MANDATE.

Several IL constituents have reached out to IC4IC with word that their legislators (including the sponsor of the bill) stated that this bill has been tabled or dropped. Contrary to these many reports, this bill is still moving in a forward direction.

We need you to keep calling until the bill status states otherwise. This bill is still ACTIVE. Please keep calling their offices and let them know you OPPOSE this bill.

This is a vaccine MANDATE for ALL children with NO exemptions!

Please call & email Senator Morrison, Senator Martinez & ALL Public Health Committee Members (LISTED BELOW). Let them know you oppose this bill.

All numbers are hyperlinks! No need to enter each phone number!!

Bill Sponsor: Senator Julie Morrison
District Office:
Deerfield IL
(847) 945-5200

Springfield Office:
(217) 782-3650

Senator Martinez
District Office: (Chicago)
(773) 278-2020

(217) 782-8191


Please contact them ASAP. There is no hearing date set yet but they need to hear from as many people as possible so spread the word.

(No witness slips link available at this time. We will post link when it's available.)


  • The current verbiage for this bill does NOT allow Religious or Medical exemptions! MANDATED for ALL 6th grade boys and girls

  • NO other states have the HPV required for school enrollment as this is an elective vaccine.

  • Many families who fully vacciante choose to opt out of this vaccine due to the severe side effects reported.

  • Requiring this for school entry will drastically drive up the states very low exemption rates.

  • The CDC has a nation-wide recommendation that ALL (boys and girls) age 9 to be vaccinated with the HPV vaccine.

  • Last year an HPV education bill was passed in which education materials is given to ALL children and parents at several locales including doctor’s offices, schools, or anywhere IDPH decides it is necessary to educate the community.

  • Several countries removed HPV from their recommended schedule, and France, India, Japan, and Spain have each filed criminal charges against HPV vaccine manufacturers for fraud, safety issues, and providing misleading information.

" Sec. 2f. Human papillomavirus vaccination. The Department of Public Health shall adopt a rule requiring students, upon entering the 6th grade of any public, private, or parochial school, to receive a human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination. The Department shall adopt the rule in time to allow students to receive the vaccination before the start of the school year beginning in 2022."



Senator Patricia Van Pelt
(217) 782-6252

District: Chicago
(312) 888-9191

Senator Julie A. Morrison
(217) 782-3650

District: Deerfield
(847) 945-5200

Senator Laura Fine
(217) 782-2119

District: Glenview
(847) 998-1717

Senator Mattie Hunter
(217) 782-5966

District: Chicago
(312) 949-1908

Senator John G. Mulroe
(217) 782-1035

District: Chicago
(773) 763-3810

Senator Laura M. Murphy
(217) 782-3875

District: Des Plaines
(847) 718-1110

Senator Steve Stadelman
(217) 782-8022

District: Rockford
(815) 987-7557

Senator Dave Syverson
(217) 782-5413

District: Rockford
(815) 987-7555

Senator Steve McClure
(217) 782-8206

(217) 245-7456

Senator Dan McConchie
(217) 782-8010

District: Lake Zurich
(224) 662-4544

Senator Jason Plummer
(217) 782-5755

District: Vandalia
(618) 283-3000


Copy and paste their emails into the BCC section

HB2188 Health Exam Mental History


Synopsis As Introduced

Amends the School Code. With regard to the required health examination, provides that the social and emotional screening must include questions on a child's medical history that pertain to the mental health issues of his or her family and any other matter that could impact the child's future mental health. Effective immediately.

Contact the Sponsor to ask her to table this bill:
Rep. Natalie Manley
Springfield Office:
(217) 782-3316
District Office:
(815) 725-2741


  • Medical professionals should not be assessing psychological wellbeing

  • This bill is too vague and could cause erroneous reports.

Complete witness slips as OPPONENT.


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Support HB342



Requires IDPH to create and maintain a list of each immunizing agent derived from aborted fetal tissue and any alternative immunizing agents.
Read full bill here:…


HB342 Witness Slip Tips
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Bill Sponsor: Sue Scherer

District Office:
(217) 877-9636

Springfield Office:
(217) 524-0353

"Beginning with the 2020-2021 school year, a parent or legal guardian who objects to immunizations on religious grounds must submit with the Certificate of Religious Exemption a certificate of completion of an online immunization seminar issued by the Department of Public Health under Section 2.5 of the Communicable Disease Prevention Act.

Online immunization seminar. The Department of Public Health shall develop and implement an online seminar that contains information on the risks and benefits of immunizing children against preventable communicable diseases. The Department shall issue a certificate of completion to those parents or legal guardians completing the seminar who must submit a certificate of completion under subsection (8) of Section 27-8.1 of the School Code."

Please call the bill sponsor (info above), and use this link to find your Representative and let them know you OPPOSE this bill.


1) This is already in place via the 'Health and Immunization Code 665.510' as parents are currently required to sit through a risk versus benefit lecture prior to their IDPH religious exemption form being signed by the pediatrician.

2) A similar law was passed in Michigan and doctors have stated it had very little success swaying vaccine hesitant parents, and that most parents who are choosing not to vaccinate are already highly educated on this matter.

3) This certificate of completion would violate privacy of parent's personal and medical security information.

4) This bill should only apply to those states with philosophical exemptions which Illinois does not have. A religious exemption is for religious reasons which is a Constitutional right, and forcing education on vaccinations is disrespecting their sincerely held religious beliefs.

BILL: (please select 'Amendment 001' in upper left-hand corner)…