Talking With Your Legislators

Sometimes it can be scary talking with your legislators - but remember that they work for you and you pay their salary. They must hear from you to better understand the concerns and needs of their constituents!

Whether talking to your legislator about raw milk, medical choice or vaccines, be sure you're using reputable sources.

Here are some ideas of what to share with your legislator:

Medical Freedom:

  • Print off any current legislation.

Vaccine Materials:

  • Print off any current legislation.
  • Print off the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program information and explain that vaccine manufacturers have complete liability.
  • Share how vaccines still contain heavy metals.
  • Explain how vaccines contain aborted fetal cells.
  • Share that the CDC's schedule has a lot of vaccines, and the schedule has never been tested.
  • Explain that a large scale study of the health of the vaccinated versus the non vaccinated has never been done, but small scale studies show that the non vaccinated are healthier.
  • Research the vaccine reaction rates in Illinois on the VAERS database.