What we do...

Illinois Coalition for Informed Consent is an active group that works as a team allowing the voices of all to be heard. There is no one individual that can or should take on the fight for protecting freedoms alone. IC4IC works closely with National Vaccine Information Center. NVIC is the number one organization with the most legislative experience regarding vaccine law in the country. They have helped guide many people in different states through the legislative process accomplishing great things. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves with information gifted by those who have gone before us, and for us to share what we know with others that are willing to learn. There are many topics of importance on all of our minds daily, and should one particular local or national cause be brought to the forefront, this group may morph into a grassroots team of activists before your eyes.

We stand behind the following:

Informed Consent
Civil Rights
Parental Rights
Medical Integrity
Birthing Rights
Freedom of Medical Choice
Individual Liberty
Personal Responsibility
Vaccine Safety
Holistic & Homeopathic Medicine
Healthy Food
GMO Labeling
Clean Air & Water

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.”
— Mother Teresa