Who we are...

Illinois Coalition for Informed Consent (IC4IC) was formed by a small group of concerned Illinois citizens in 2016. We saw a growing need to help protect the medical rights and choices of the individual. IC4IC is here to help inform and guide people through navigating their right to individual medical choices and informed consent.

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IC4IC is here to help navigate anyone looking to understand their right to informed consent. In order to understand your rights it is important to understand current laws and rules.

Visit our Public Acts, Codes & Rules to begin understanding your rights. Contact IC4IC with questions.

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Community Involvement

It takes an entire community to protect our rights. No one can do it alone or expect anyone else to do it for them.

IC4IC is always watching for new legislation that may limit or expand our rights. We keep the community up to date with action alerts so that you can be part of the community to participate in opposing or supporting legislation.

Visit our Action Alerts page to see any current activity.

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Grass roots

IC4IC has been a 100% grass roots effort. All of those involved have come together through experiences shared.

Some of us have connected after the passing of legislation that limited the rights of the individual. Others after sharing similar experiences within the medical establishment that exposed the great volume of violations occurring against individuals right to accept or deny treatments. We saw great need for a community of activists ready to stand up for all of our rights.